Online Ordering for Restaurants

Online Ordering for Restaurants Increases Profits of 25%


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Get started with online ordering for as low as $99. Some online ordering apps keep your money up to 30 days and charge up to 14% of the order. You keep 100% of YOUR revenue and no holds on your money!

Here’s the best part, this is not an app….we will place an online ordering button directly on your website or it can serve as a stand alone website. Nothing for customers to download. How easy is that?

Destination Cuisine has partnered with Mobile Favs to bring you the best technology in online ordering for restaurants resulting in increases in profits of 25%. We understand restaurants and the challenge of changing technology. Marketing solutions have been costly with less than stellar results. Typically the restaurants who use these quick fix strategies to get tables filled, find their profits go to the marketing company and they do not know who their customer is and no way to reach out to build loyalty to them for a return visit. We are here to change all of that and put the power of marketing back in the hands of the business owner…at a very low cost.


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MobileFavs is pleased to present to our restaurant clients a simple, easy to use online ordering system for restaurants that can have you accepting online orders in less than a day. Labeled MyCuisineOrder, you can manage every aspect of your online store and menu.

Online Ordering for Restaurants


Did you know that online ordering for restaurants can increase your bottom line by as much as 25%?

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If you don’t accept online orders, you’re missing a big opportunity.  Many of our restaurants do $15,000 or more each month.  You can start today! No credit card required.


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